Keeping it Cheap

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Top: Op Shop// Jeans: Op Shop/DIY// Bag: Target// Belt: MinkPink// Necklace: Lovisa// Shoes: Converse

001. I'm getting a really 90's vibe from this outfit... I think it's the top. I picked it up ages ago, but I haven't worn it yet, due to some alterations I needed to make. The tag on it says Billabong but it looks pretty 'old style' so who knows it may be from the actual 90's. The shorts, also an op shop find, were brand new jeans and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out after working some DIY magic into them. 

002. I'm quite proud of the fact that most of this outfit actually came from op shops and probably for under $5 each. Some of my friends aren't a fan of the whole op/thrift/secondhand shopping thing, and it really annoys me. People are so narrow minded sometimes and think that it's 'gross' or 'weird' but in fact it's not at all. If you are, like me, a student on a budget, I highly recommend it. Firstly because you can find things no one else has, secondly it's cheap as chips and thirdly a lot of the profits go to charity. Yes, you may have to do a bit more digging or have a good eye to sort through the good and the bad, however in the end it's actually really rewarding and you can totally make it sound more chic by calling it 'vintage.' 

003. If you have stuck through this blog post long enough to read my little rant, I applaud you and hope you have a lovely day. 

Lena x

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