It's All In The Clutch

Monday, 29 December 2014

Top: Vintage Billabong// Shorts: Markets// Belt: Tobi// Shoes: Betts// Clutch: Verge Girl

001. I'm loving summer! These photos were taken just after about 6 o'clock at night. I wore this little outfit a few weeks ago out to dinner to celebrate the end of Year 12. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. I seriously love Mexican food. Guacamole, nachos, beans, salsa, enchiladas, burritos, tacos- you name it- all SO GOOD! 

002. Because the weather that day was 40 degrees, I opted for something that would keep me relatively cool. Plus jazzed it up with this clutch. It is so funky, I really need to get more wear out of it! 

Lena x

Why I'm Excited For Summer...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

1. funky patterns
3. wooden soled shoes
3. swimming
4. travelling
5. matching sets
6. fresh fruit and veg
7. bonfires 
8. photographic memories
9. (I just love this photo)

001. SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! 3 months of sun, sand and sweat. Seriously though, Summer is my favourite season of the year, mainly because it has my birthday AND christmas AND holidays, but that sure isn't all it has got going for it (as demonstrated by the above photos).

002. This is just a short post about some of my favourite things in Summer. What are your favourite (or least favourite) things about the hottest season!? 

Lena x

What's Happening: An Update

Monday, 1 December 2014

001. BIG UPDATE! If you have missed out on my past few posts or are a new reader to this blog (welcome), you may have missed out on my big news. I am currently about to embark on a six-week trip to the UK with my two best friends! I AM SO INSANELY EXCITED! I'm really struggling to write this post as my excitement is just getting the better of me and putting things into grammatically correct sentences and words just isn't working. I want to soak up as many experiences as I possibly can while I'm away, so won't be blogging. But I've scheduled a few weekly posts to keep coming at you, so you don't miss me too much. Prepare for lots of travel photos and hauls when I get back though!

004.  PS. This photo is such a random little outtake from a few weeks ago in the window, but I think it turned out super cool (yay or nay?). 

Lena x

Basic Bohemian

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Top: Verge Girl// Shorts: American Apparel// Belt: Tobi// Boots: Tony Bianco// Bag: Country Road

001. Not sure how I would describe this outfit... It's basically a staple outfit with some bohemian vibes? Black boots, a black leather bag and high waisted denim shorts- my wardrobe basics and definitely a must-have. Apologies if I over wear them on this blog!

002. I adore these Tony Bianco boots, as I think they make any outfit that slightly bit fancier. Probably because of the slightly higher cut and pointed toe. Every time I wear this little lace number beauty I feel like dancing around. Note to self: Seriously need to get onto sewing some bell sleeved tops ASAP. I plan on living in them all summer. What's your favourite summer trends of 2014/15 so far? I'd love some inspiration! 

todays tune: chvrches, recover

Lena x


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Top and Cardigan: Glassons// Shorts: American Apparel// Belt: Tobi// Hat: Mooloola// Bag: Handmade// Boots: Lipstik

001. The title of this post is totally inspired by American Horror Story, thanks to the witchy and almost all black vibes from this outfit. If you don't watch the show or missed season 3, you can get the idea from this photo. Coven is probably tied with Murder House as my favourite season. I'm totally excited for season 4 which is titled Freakshow and comes out very soon. Television addictions aside though... I should probably talk about the outfit.

002. I am still in love with the neckline and fit of this little crop, mentioned in a previous haul post, from Glassons. The weather is definitely warming up again down under at the moment, so evidently my all time favourite American Apparel shorts are making a comeback. I'm all for wearing black all year round, including Summer, and I guess this outfit is just a little demonstration of how to do it. 

003. Finally, a small side note... My legs are actually the same colour as the rest of my body but my camera obviously likes to disagree. So please just try to ignore the ridiculous contrast. 

Lena x

Double Denim Digs

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wrap Skirt and Bucket Hat// Frida the Label

001. I could start off by apologising for being such a bad blogger and explaining that I have the worst immune system in the world, but I'd rather talk about the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the past week... I finally won a competition! An instagram competition to be more specific, from one of my favourite up and coming labels from Brisbane, called Frida the Label.

002. If you follow me on instagram you might be aware that I'm a pretty regular competition enterer, so I was very excited to have finally won something from a a label I adore! It arrived in brown paper packaging tied up with string (yes, I am singing Sound of Music now...) and when I opened it everything was super lovely. 

003. I'm pretty sure the fabric is hand dyed to get that really cool effect, which looks amazing. I don't want to rave too much right now, but watch out for an outfit post coming soon featuring some Frida. In the meantime though, check out their website (HERE) and see for yourself how super cool their collection is. 

Lena x

Album Love

Sunday, 31 August 2014

001. This week I've decided to do a little round-up of a few albums I've been listening to on repeat recently. So many of my favourite artists have been releasing new albums lately, so I thought I should a few of my top picks with you.

002. Milky Chance, Sadnecessary: This album is really cool to listen to. I would describe it as chilled-folky-electronic. The German duo behind the band are doing great things and have just been announced for the Falls Festival line-up too (which is AMAZING). Some of my favourite songs from the album are Stunner, Flashed Junk Mind and Down By The River.

003. Angus and Julia Stone (Self Titled Album): If you haven't heard of this talented brother and sister duo before, where have you been! So far I have adored every single album they have produced and this one is no exception. Seriously, both of their voices are so beautiful to listen to and have a really rock/folky vibe to them. My top picks from the album are My Word For It, a Heartbreak, Heart Beats Slow and Little Whiskey... actually scratch all that, the whole album is the best thing you will hear all day.

004. Asgeir, In the Silence: I was lucky enough to see this talented man at Splendour last month. His voice and music is incredible, and so beautiful to listen to. Probably the only artist on my iPod that is from Iceland too (just a fun fact). iTunes does a pretty good job summing up the genre saying "Asgeir specializes in soulful and intimate, electronic-tinged indie folk songs," and if that description alone doesn't make you want to go and listen to this album, I don't know what will. Favourite songs from the album are In The Silence, King and Cross, In Harmony and Going Home.

005. Sticky Fingers, Land of Pleasure: Another recent favourite band of mine... like I mean I've been obsessed with them probably all year now. Their sound is an ultra cool mix of reggae rock. They are super great live too, one of my favourite acts from Splendour. I'd also like to give an honourable mention to their previous album Caress Your Soul, which was very cool. My top picks from this new album are Gold Snafu, Just For You, Rum Rage and Dreamland.

006. Hope you liked this little music post and that it wasn't too long. I would love to hear what you have been listening to lately, pop your recommendations in the comments. I''ll have outfit posts returning by next weekend when I get a camera again!

Lena x

Six Small Scale Adventures

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

 1. go on a road trip to the beach and set up a blanket fort in the boot
 2. explore your city and find rooftops for adventures 
3. go out for breakfast at new cafes, with good food and good coffee
 4. watch the sunrise/sunset on the beach under a blanket
 5. sleep outside in a treetop fort (maybe hard to achieve, but still super cool)
 6. have a picnic with lots of fresh food goodness

001. Lately I've been trying hard to save all my pennies but am getting a bit sick of hanging around at home. This post is just some inspiration to get some creative juices flowing for affordable, achievable adventures. Tell me what you think of them, or if you have any of your own ideas to add!

Lena x

Splendour In The Grass 2014

Sunday, 10 August 2014


001. As promised... some film snaps from the most magical three days of my life. Splendour is so hard to explain... it is honestly like a new little world in there, filled with music, dancing and good vibes. This was my first time making the short trip down to Byron for the festival and I have decided that I want to go every year from now on. I saw an insane number of cool music people over the weekend so I'm going to try and give a quick day-by-day summary of it all.

002. The first day of Splendour started off with the DMA's, grooving to Kite String Tangle and having a rad time at Ball Park Music (who always put on an amazing show). We saw Asgeir, who was very cool and very cute, ending almost every song with a little 'thankyou' in his Icelandic accent. Then moved on to Kelis, to make some milkshakes. Angus and Julia Stone were a definite highlight of Friday, I've loved their music for a few years now so it was so lovely to see them live. And of course, we ended the Friday night with headliners, Outkast, shaking it like a polaroid picture.

003. Saturday was possibly even better. Starting with a bit of Circa Waves, then moving on to Sticky Fingers (complete with the experience of sitting on a strangers shoulders and confetti). We saw the super babe that is Sky Ferreira and Future Islands, who have the coolest frontman ever. Foals were incredible... probably in my opinion a better choice than Two Door Cinema Club who they were replacing (even though I love them too). We then ended the night with a little bit of Rufus and Vance Joy.

004. By Sunday feet were aching and sleep deprivation was beginning to catch up, but it was the last day of Splendour so of course you ignore all that. The Sunday lineup was amazing. In the morning we caught The Creases, Skaters, D.D Dumbo, a little bit of Jungle and Sam Smith (who covered an Arctic Monkeys song and made me excited). Grouplove was insane, one of my favourite acts of the whole three days. Then Chvrches, Hilltop Hoods, Foster the People and Lily Allen. Such an amazing group of acts to end the weekend!

005. Wow, sorry that was a lot of writing... Posting this has made me miss Splendour even more. Tell me if you went too, or if you have ever seen any of these performers live, I'd love to hear!

Lena x

oh my LORDE

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

photo via my insta 
Top: Motel Rocks via ASOS// Skirt: Handmade

001. On Sunday night I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Lorde live! She is without a doubt the most talented 17 year old ever. The whole show was perfect; seriously she is the biggest babe and I just want to be best friends with her already. 

002. My  favourite song is 'Ribs' and before performing it she talked to crowd about the meaning behind the lyrics... being a teenager, growing up, small town surburbia experiences. It was just a really relatable chat, much like a lot of her other songs. I'm not sure how to describe her music... it's like ethereal/alternative/electronic pop? If you still haven't given her album 'Pure Heroin' a listen I highly recommend you do, trust me you won't regret it. 

003. I snapped a couple of brief outfit photos on my phone before heading out, so apologies for the average quality. I haven't had access to the camera for a couple of weeks now and is the reason I've been a bit M.I.A lately, so apologies again. Also, might just add that the top in this outfit is the bomb-diggity and is on sale NOW!

Lena x

Colour Is Overrated

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Top and Jeans: ASOS// Boots: Lipstik// Belt: Tobi// Earrings: Lovisa

001. These jeans are possibly the favourite item in my wardrobe right now. If I didn't manage to rave enough about them in my last haul post, here are some photos to demonstrate just how fab they really are. I would describe them as the perfect high waisted combination between a skinny-fitted-jean and a loose-boyfriend-fit. Also apologies for wearing these boots in basically every outfit post, they are still my go-to boot, despite me wearing them to death for the past year. 

002. Got a tiny bit more creative with photo editing today... Putting black and white filters on is a big deal okay. I thought it would compliment the whole 'let's not wear any colour ever' look of these photos nicely. 

003. Finally, if any of you are Brissie gals, you should totally come to Suitcase Rummage in the city on the weekend because I am selling LOADS of pre-loved clothing goodness! 

Lena x

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