Wednesday, 7 September 2016

001. This is post is going to be my take on a "monthly favourites-eque" video you often see floating around on YouTube. I am not promising these monthly though- just now and then or whenever I feel like blogging about some real life shenanigans. I feel a bit uninspired but I just really want to put a post up strangely. Let's see how this goes!

Stranger Things- This Netflix original show is getting a hell of a lot of hype online, but only because it is really, REALLY good. I'm not usually into the whole sci-fi-ish kinda genre but I was hooked on this. The season is only 8 episodes long and totally binge-watchable in a couple of nights- what are you waiting for?

That 70's Show- Me and Ben are slowly making our way through all of the seasons. Who doesn't love a bit of lighthearted 20 minute comedy and groovy 70's fashion?

Mr Robot- I know this is up to the second season but I FINALLY finished watching the first season and it was epic. The ending was great and I can't wait to get around to the second season when I have some time!

Uniforms-I am now working two jobs and just finished a 60 hour work week. I am pretty flat out just trying to fit in a good eating/sleeping pattern in between shifts. When I haven't been wearing work clothes I've been lounging around the house in trackies- all glamour around here folks.

Flares- I work at a super funky cafe during the day and luckily it means I can wear my flares to work! Everything feels more fun in flares (I swear!).

Depop- Honestly can't believe I didn't get onto this app sooner! It is basically like Instagram and eBay had a super funky, fashionable baby. Basically any type of clothing piece you can think of is for sale, at super affordable secondhand prices. I've bought some flares, vintage pieces and a cool shirt from one of my favourite (usually pricey) labels- all chip-as-chips and supporting sustainable fashion!

Harry Potter- Every now and then when I can't find a good book I go ahead and re-read the entire Harry Potter series. No regrets whatsoever. No other series will ever make me as happy and fill the little spot in my heart that J.K Rowling has stolen.

Clean Coast Collective- I guess this year I've developed a growing interest in leaving as little mark as possible on the earth- be it with sustainability initiatives, zero waste lifestyles or being a more conscious consumer. I really want to post more about this kind of thing on here, but I'm still learning and want to implement it into my lifestyle more before telling other people what to do! This blog is super great for getting you started if you're interested in a similar path.

Fleetwood Mac- When I'm feeling super tired or exhausted while getting ready for work I like to put their greatest hits album on because you can't help but dance and feel a bit happier.

Gang of Youths- I have wanted to see GOY live for SO LONG, and when I finally got to see them at Splendour in the Grass it was incredible. They were my favourite act of the whole weekend hands down- so naturally while trying to get over my post-Splendour sickness and depression I listened to them non-stop.

Glass Animals- I have been a little obsessed with Glass Animals for a while and am totally excited about their new album 'How To Be a Human Being.' Every song they make is so unique and super super funky, totally recommend giving them a listen if you haven't before!

Lena x

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